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Creating the right image for your brand has never been more important.

Brand Photography

Brand Photography is very much the ‘buzz word’ of photography today. Essentially, it’s all about capturing the look and feel of your brand/business in a way that will appeal to your current and potential customers.

Brand photography is all about telling (and selling!) the story, in much the same way that modern marketing techniques aim to do. The images should work coherently with your social media and web presence to and be complimentary to you graphic design style and company ethos.

Product Photography

Product photography is essential whenever you are selling products to people out side of a face-to-face environment. Pack shots at first appearance are the most simple style of product images, though creating quality pack shots is an artform in itself.

Commercial product photography is often shoot in a studio and will start to incorporate props and styling, and lifestyle product images will often be shot on location and aim to show parody’s in use in a more natural manner.    

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