A colourful plate of tomatoes served as a summer salad.
A colourful dish of salmon on a slate, garnished with pomegranate seeds and coriander.
A chef brings food to to the table with a smiling customer looking up at him.
Two women look at a selection of food on a wooden table in front of them.
A candle-lit table filled with wooden platters of food to share at a party.
A lady holds a small bite of party food whilst sat a table drinking wine.
A tender slice of pork is served with roasted potatoes, a rich sauce and basil leaves.
A hand pours a rich syrup over a summer pudding next to a selection of soft fruits.
A melting chocolate desert with a soft filling spilling out onto the spoon.
A panacotta dessert with mango and edible flowers.
Scallops and pea shoots on a plain white plate.
A chef adds the final touches to a dish.

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